Commitment Love Spell - Marriage Proposal Love Spell

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All Magick Spell Castings Are Buy One Get One Free THIS MONTH ONLY!

  If you're looking for a POWERFUL SPELL TO MAKE HIM PROPOSE, WE CAN HELP! We offer magick spells for commitment AND marriage so that you can finally get the proposal you've been waiting for! We CAN HELP YOU GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL IN YOU RELATIONSHIP!

  Are you wondering if your lover is ever going to propose? Do you feel that it's hopeless and you'll never get married? We all want to feel wanted, loved and secure in our relationships; and we rely on those feeling heavily for our emotional well-being. No matter how bleak your situation is, we can turn it around and you can finally get the marriage proposal you've been waiting for. All those negative issues that revolve around be married can completely fall away with this spell casting - GUARANTEED or your money back!  This love spell will not have a 'brainwashing" effect; it simply opens up the heart and mind of the one you love to see all the wonderful aspects of being in a committed union of marriage.

  The Marriage Proposal Love Spell Is The RIGHT Magick Spell Casting For You If:

  • You're currently dealing with stress and anxiety due to the fact you're relationship isn't moving forward

  • You're tired of "just dating" and you want to have a solid commitment

  • You've been dating for YEARS and still have not received a marriage proposal

  • Your lover simply doesn't want to get married at all and is comfortable with the level of commitment already established

  Those are just some of the examples of why a marriage spell casting is used so often. If your currently in a relationship and your lover simply doesn't want to get married (or commit to you) this spell can open up his OR her eyes, mind and heart to a commitment bound relationship. A great spell to go with this one is the Binding Love Spell. Together, these spells make a great combination so you'll have a lasting permanent AND harmonious marriage. The Commitment And Marriage Love Spell Casting is very POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE, SAFE to use and it WORKS!  If you have any questions about these spells, please Contact Raven.


  Once you have the commitment and marriage spell casting completed you can finally be on your way to planning your dream wedding! This marriage proposal love spell WORKS FAST, has PERMANENT RESULTS and your relationship will be better than ever. WE CAN HELP YOU GET THE COMMITMENT AND MARRIAGE PROPOSAL YOU DESERVE.

  Stop wasting years with someone who doesn't want to marry you. Instead, have this casting done to open up his or her eyes to what they're missing by not being in a committed relationship with you. This spell is perfect for those of you who are tired of just being in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and want to take it to the next level. The spell can work for married couples who may not be completely committed or not want to be married. This powerful love spell can help your lover overcome the fear and anxiety of the thought of being married.

We offer 3 Power Levels to choose from.  The higher the level you pick, the stronger your spell casting is:

Power Level 1 Cast Once

Basic Casting $48

Power Level 2 Cast Twice

Platinum Casting $69

Power Level 3 Cast Three Times

Ultimate Casting $138

Once you place your order, you can fill out this Form To Submit Your Spell Casting Information OR Read The Instructions Below:

  1. What Free Spell do you want?  You may choose 1 Free Magick Spell of equal value. For Example:  If you ordered the Level 2 Spell Casting, your Free Spell will be a Level 2.  Click on the link: Free Spell to view the spells to choose a free spell.

  2. Your Full Name, Date Of Birth, City You Live In.

  3. Full Name, Date Of Birth, City Living In for your INTENDED TARGET/TARGETS. If you don't have all that info, provide what you know and the spell can be cast successfully.

  4. Include any photos of yourself and/or the person/people in your spell castings. Be sure to label the photos of who everyone is.

  5. You can Click Here to submit your spell casting information by using our Submission Form. It's easy to use so you don't leave out any info for your spell castings.

  6. SUBMIT YOUR SPELL CASTING INFORMATION ASAP AFTER YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR ORDER. The quicker you do this the faster your spells are scheduled/cast.


You can cast this magick spell for FREE! Get the Free Marriage Proposal Commitment Love Spell at the bottom of this page! 


  Raven, thank you for all your help with the marriage spell casting you did for me! I have been with Jesse for 3 years and I wanted to be engaged after a year of dating. He kept promising me we would be engaged and here it is going on 3 years without a proposal. We have always been in a happy committed relationship, but I wanted more. I wanted to be married to the man I love with all my heart. I used your spells before and I liked the results I always got so this is why I came to you for the marriage spell.  After you cast the spell he began talking more about picking out rings. This wasn't really too exciting for me because I've heard him say this many times before. Well I was shocked when we were at the mall and he took me to every jewelry store to look at rings. I'm happy to say I picked one out and he actually bought it that day! I know, not too romantic but I didn't care! I got the ring I wanted AND we set a date. I'm very happy to announce that we are planning our wedding. Thanks for all your help and giving Jesse the "cosmic nudge" he needed to make my dream a reality!

Client Testimonial Submitted by: Maria Griffin - Australia


Cast This Powerful Commitment Marriage Proposal Spell For Free!


Best Time To Cast This Spell - Friday, the day of Venus is the best time to cast this powerful magick spell. After you cast this easy love spell, you'll be shopping for your engagement ring in no time!


What You Will Need To Cast The Spell

  • Long piece of red or pink ribbon, long enough to wrap around your waist once

  • 1 red pen OR marker

  • 4 red and or pink roses ( you can mix or match if you want)

  • 1 small vase/water for roses

  • 4 red and or pink candles (any type will do)

  • Lighter Or Matches

Cast The Spell

Write your name and your lovers name on the length of ribbon as many times as it will fit (be sure to let the marker dry completely)

Place roses in vase/water

Light the candles

Stand "Sky Clad" (witches term for naked) in front of a mirror

Tie the ribbon around your waist. Hold one end in your hand

Say This Incantation:

Ribbon of love, tie him to me

Ribbon of love, closer we shall be

Ribbon of love, married we will be

By the light of the flame

Flame in my heart

(Blow out the candles and say): So Mote It Be!

Visualize your wedding day while you slowly pull the ribbon off your waist. Wrap and secure the ribbon around the vase of roses. Keep it near your bed if possible or anywhere in your bedroom. Once the roses wilt, you can throw them out and keep the ribbon in a drawer in your bedroom.


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