Break Them Up Magick Love Spell - Powerful Love Spells Cast To Break Up A Couple

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All Magick Spell Castings Are Buy One Get One Free THIS MONTH ONLY!

  Is your ex-lover in a new relationship with someone else and you want to break them up?  This can be achieved with the Break Them Up And Return My Lover Magick Spell. You don't have to be without your ex for one moment longer. If someone has interfered in your relationship and this has resulted in your break up, WE CAN HELP YOU. You don't have to sit around waiting for their relationship to end to get the love of your life back. Don't waste anymore time feeling broken hearted and having to deal with overwhelming sadness caused by your break-up. You don't have to be in pain anymore or deal with this problem alone any longer. This magick spell is designed to break up your ex-lover's current relationship and bring him or her back to you no matter how much time has passed.

  If You're Currently Feeling: Unbearable sadness, loss of appetite, loss of sleep, unbelievable amounts of stress, unbearable and unpredictable emotional breakdowns and You're Finding Yourself: Checking your ex's Facebook page, driving by their house to check up on him or her, or constantly thinking reminiscing about all the wonderful times the both of you shared - then this is the perfect magick spell to help you get the love of your life BACK!


  Break Them Up And Return My Lover To Me - This magick love spell is designed to return your lover back to you if he or she is already in a new relationship. This spell can bring your ex-love back to you QUICKLY and SAFELY without any added drama. The spell works by releasing the energies to break up your ex's current relationship and making them seek you out to start up your relationship again. This spell is VERY POWERFUL, WORKS FAST and is SAFE and NATURAL to use if your desire is to bring your ex back into your life.

  How does the Break Them Up And Return My Ex-Lover To Me Magick Spell Work? After the spell is cast for you, the energies will go to the couple you wish to break up.  The spells energies begin WORKING QUICKLY to split them up with the least amount of drama possible. Usually the relationship just dissolves, resulting in having no feelings for one another so the break up is amicable for all involved. This is a FAST ACTING magick spell to split up your ex's current relationship; paving the way for you to get back together.

  The spells are buy one free this month and a great spell to use with this one is the Think About Me Dream About Me Love Spell. This combination of these two spells can ignite a FAST reunion for the two of you. If you have any questions about these spells, please Contact Raven.


We offer 3 Power Levels to choose from.  The higher the level you pick, the stronger your spell casting is:

Power Level 1 Cast Once

Basic Casting $48

Power Level 2 Cast Twice

Platinum Casting $69

Power Level 3 Cast Three Times

Ultimate Casting $138

Once you place your order, you can fill out this Form To Submit Your Spell Casting Information OR Read The Instructions Below:

  1. What Free Spell do you want?  You may choose 1 Free Magic Spell of equal value. For Example:  If you ordered the Level 2 Spell Casting, your Free Spell will be a Level 2.  Click on the link: Free Spell to view the spells to choose a free spell.

  2. Your Full Name, Date Of Birth, City You Live In.

  3. Full Name, Date Of Birth, City Living In for your INTENDED TARGET/TARGETS. If you don't have all that info, provide what you know and the spell can be cast successfully.

  4. Include any photos of yourself and/or the person/people in your spell castings. Be sure to label the photos of who everyone is.

  5. You can Click Here to submit your spell casting information by using our Submission Form. It's easy to use so you don't leave out any info for your spell castings.

  6. SUBMIT YOUR SPELL CASTING INFORMATION ASAP AFTER YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR ORDER. The quicker you do this the faster your spells are scheduled/cast.



  Thank you for cast the Break Them Up And Return My Lover to me spell casting! I've always felt connected to the universe in a magical way; however when I tried casting a break up spell on my own, it wasn't working. Dan and his new girlfriend were still together after months of trying to break them up. I wasn't getting the results I wanted so this is why I decided to have a professional spell caster do this for me.

  I can't tell you how happy I am that I did!  After the spell was cast for me, I started seeing results very quickly. Dan and I finally got a second chance, thanks to your magic spell casting. Raven, you're so amazing at what you do. Thanks for all your help and guidance.

Client Testimonial Submitted by: Maiyah Johnson, OK



Cast This Powerful Spell To Break Them Up!


Best Time To Cast This Spell -  Cast this spell during the Waning Moon (from the moment after it is Full to the moment it is New). This is the perfect time to cast magick spells to banish someone, break up a relationship and to remove obstacles and enemies.


What You Will Need To Cast The Spell

  • 1 cauldron or fireproof vessel for burning objects

  • 1 photo of the couple (if you don't have a photo, you can use a piece of paper to write the couples names on it)

  • 1 black pen OR marker (to write names on paper if you don't have a photo)

  • 1 black candle

  • Lighter Or Matches

Cast The Spell

Light the black candle

Take photo or piece of paper with their names written on it

Close your eyes and visualize the couple breaking up, do this for as long as you wish

Once you feel satisfied with the visualization, open your eyes

Begin to burn the photo or paper while saying the incantation below

Say This Incantation:

Love is gone, no more bliss

No longer together, love has been dismissed

Flame of love gone forever

May ____ and ____ no longer be together

Once the photo or paper has caught fire, place it in the cauldron or fireproof vessel and let it burn to ash

When the photo or paper is done burning and is turned to ash you can bury or scatter ashes into the earth. Caution: Be sure it's completely extinguished so nothing outside catches fire.

Once that is completed blow out the candle and say: So Mote It Be!

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Break Them Up Return My Lover Magick Spell. Powerful Effective Love Spells Cast To Break Up A Couple.