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    Thank you for visiting our Client Testimonial Webpage.  Here you can read all about what our clients have to say about our spell castings services!  These are all REAL testimonials by actual clients of LoveSpells.biz.  If you have any questions about our spell castings OR any of the services listed on the website, you can Contact Raven anytime for a free consultation.  Consults are always Free & Private.  The information given to us by you will never be shared with anyone.  


Below you can read some of the great experiences our clients have had using our spell casting and magical services! 

Some of the names have been changed per client request to protect their privacy.


  This is Will, writing in to give a testimonial.  I had this spell cast for me in back in January 2017 and since then, I have been noticing a lot more positive situations being in line with my life.  I never had the best of luck but since this spell casting, things have shifted for me in a more positive way.  I'm attracting more positive people and situations in my life.  I had a lingering bad feeling for a while before I had this spell cast.  I got the feeling that someone I know hadcast a spell upon me to received nothing by negative situations.  Since the spell casting in January, things have taken a turn for the better.  This is outstanding and I plan on placing another order today for my love life issues.    

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Will Knudsen, NJ


  Thank you Raven from the bottom of my heart.  I ordered the Ultimate Break Addiction Spell for my son Tyler.  He was addicted to meth and it was pretty bad.  I was desperate and went out on a limb and ordered this spell.  I was skeptical at first because I really didn't know much about magic spells but I was honesty out of options.  Nothing was helping him and I was scared to lose him and the very good possibility he would get into trouble if he didn't stop this behavior.  I ordered the spell and within a week, we got him into a treatment program, which he wanted NOTHING to do with before.  That was the beginning signs of seeing the effects of this spell.  I had a really positive outlook once he agreed to treatment. 

  Here we are 6 months later and he's doing GREAT! He has no more desire to do drugs and hang with the people who influenced him.  I know we make our own choices but I'm very grateful he's making better decisions.  This spell worked so well and I just wanted to thank you for all the caring attention you gave to us during this challenging time.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Doreen J., AZ


  I would like you to proceed with the recasts, thanks so much.  I hope you know how appreciated you are and I hope that people tell you often how great you are.  I'm so grateful your spell worked to Bring Him Back.

Client Testimonial Submitted by: M.M.


  The Return My Ex Lover Spell WORKED FAST.  I can't believe how quickly this spell worked for me.  Renee didn't want anything to do with me even after several attempts to reconcile.  I did mess up and I really didn't deserve another chance with her.  Now that I got my wish, this time I will treat her right, the way she deserves.  Thank you for helping me get the love of my life back!

Client Testimonial Submitted by: Mike Thompson, DE


  I've been wanting to date Veronica for months only to be categorized in the "friend zone".  I had decided to have this spell casting completed to move things along with taking our friendship to the next level.  The spell worked wonderfully!  We are now dating and having a lot of sex!  I'm very happy with the end result of this magic spell casting and I liked the fact you offered a free spell with my order.  I put that magic spell to good use for my financial situation and I'm beginning to see positive changes there as well.  Over all, I'm very satisfied with your services and I plan on having more spells cast this week.    

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  George Klein, VA


  I was in a real bad spot with my wife for a long time.  She wanted a divorce and I wanted to work things out.  I had Raven help me, and it worked.  It wasn't overnight, but you will see it working.  After a lot of working with my wife and help/encouragement from Raven, my wife and I are in a better place in our marriage and we even gained an amazing child in the process.   Thank you Raven, I would definitely recommend and use your services again.  Satisfied Client.  Thanks a million for all the help and support.  You have really saved my life!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  S.C.


  Dropping an email to you to say Thank You for EVERYTHING you've done for me!  You've done it, it worked wonderfully.  Feel free to use this email on your testimonials page. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Kia Meyers


  I ordered the Ultimate Aura-Karma Cleansing Spell a few weeks ago and I wanted to let you know the results from the castings.  I'm very pleased with how things are going in my life now!  Once bad thing after another kept happening before I had this spell cast.  I was in a car accident, lost my job and a few other bad things happened too.  I was so depressed and thinking "why me?"  A friend told me about your spells and said she had great results.  I really didn't believe in this stuff until she explained what happened with her so I thought I would give it a try.  Within a few weeks of the spell casting, I felt better, like a dark cloud was gone from my presence.  I found a better job and things began to turn around for me.  I'm happy with the way things are going in my life!  Thank you for your help.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Daniel D.


  I'm down 32lbs!  No Kidding!  Amazing.  Thank you again!

Client Testimonial Submitted by: Lisa Smith, NV


  I've been thinking about Jessica for many years.  She was my first love, my first girlfriend, my first everything.  We lost touch over the years when I moved out of state.  Even with many attempts to find her through social media I couldn't seem to locate her.  The reason being, she didn't have any social media accounts.  This is when I decided to try this spell to see if we could make contact once again.  After about 4 weeks I did get an email from her.  She said she was thinking about me for a long time and decided to look me up.  We met in Brooklyn for a drink and it was like we picked up where we left off!  This is very exciting because I'm hoping we can rekindle our love for one another again.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Darryl M., NJ


  Hi Raven, I m writing you this email as a thank you.  The day after you completed my spell, he texted me immediately.  I was skeptical at first, but now I have to believe that you have something to do with that... I could not believe my eyes.  I was so happy to see he contacted me after a long time.  I want to write a good anonymous review about you and I'd like to keep in touch for more help in the future.

Client Testimonial Submitted by: Anonymous


  Hello Raven, Thank you so much for the free spell!  Your spells always work great for me.  I'd like the Magic Money Spell and also, instead of a new spell can I have this last spell recast?  The situation is taking a little longer to fix itself because of a little bump in the road that occurred last week.  I just want us to get back on track because we're very close to making that happen.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Monica J.


  I needed to Attract Positive Energy into my life and while searching for a spell, your site popped up!  I'm grateful it did because I'm really happy with the results from this magic spell casting.  I feel so much more positive about everything and I've been attracting a lot of wonderful things to myself.  Thanks so much, this was the boost I needed!  

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Connie M., MS


  This spell is amazing!  I liked this guy in my class for a while and he never knew I existed.  I used this spell casting and within a few days I noticed some signs of attention from him.  I would catch him looking over at me, sometimes a glance and a smile, then one day after class, he just asked me out. 

  After a few weeks of going out with each other I decided to take our dating to the next level, SEX.  It was super hot and everything I had imagined it would be!  We are actually officially dating only each other, which wasn't a part of my plan, but I think we are beginning to fall in love!  I'm really happy with all the events that have taken place with this magic spell.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Sierra Johnson, KY


  Hi Raven, I'm writing to check in with you to give you an update with the Fame And Fortune Magic Spell that you cast for me last month.  I wanted to contact you sooner, but I've been extremely busy going to all the auditions I have lined up after you cast the spell for me.  I'm happy to report that I got a modeling job.  I'll be used as a print-ad model and I landed a commercial too!  I'm so excited and happy with the results.  The modeling contract is for 5 years and I have a great salary.  This give me the financial freedom I was hoping for, not to mention having the job of my dreams!  Again, thank you for all your help and support.  You've been so wonderful by answering all my questions and just being there for me when I needed you :)

Client Testimonial Submitted by:    Oliviah B., NYC


  Good morning, how are you?  I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me.  Raven, you're awesome and I have told many of my friends about your services.  I referred someone to  and she will be contacting you soon.  Everything is great and he shows me more love that ever.  Thanks so much again.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Lawanda C.


  Hi Raven, Many thanks to you.  You are a very genuine person who I can see works hard to help others.  I know in my heart that Larry loves me, this is something I feel to be true.  I am sure he is having great acceptance issues with his feelings.  Whatever happens I will always love him as he is my soul mate. I hope he comes to realize this and when he does I think he will also be very happy.  We have just lost our way to each other but I am seeing significant change (improvement) every day with the help of this spell.  Best wishes always.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Shana W.


  The aura spell is wonderful!  I'm so happy to have had this spell cast for me because I feel much more lighter, happier and less worrisome.  I used to feel "off" and since the spell casting, things seem to be a lot better as if my energy shifted and I'm on a higher and more positive vibration.  People I know have witnessed the change and I'm grateful happier times are in my future!  Thank you Raven for taking the time to answer all my questions and for casting this lovely spell for me!  Please feel free to use this email in your testimonial webpage.  

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Mickey Maddox, United Kingdom


  Hi Raven, how are you?  I wanted to thank you for casting the Make Me Desirable Sex Magic Spell on my GF Lorie.  Although we are together, I feel as if she doesn't desire me the way she used to in the past when we began our relationship.  This sex spell really helped renew our relationship in the way a bringing more desire, sex and passion back into our lives!  Thanks for your help and for answering all of my questions.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Daniel Adler, MS


  The Custom Revenge Spell casting was perfect for what I wanted to happen to Derrick.  I wanted to teach him a lesson and through this magic spell, he definitely got what he deserved.  I'm writing to you to ask you to lift or reverse this spell from him now because he has suffered enough misery this month.  Thank you for answering all the questions I had, you were a great help! 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Ali Carter, MN


  I have used your spells serves repeatedly with the most AMAZING results!  Your powerful magic spell castings have helped me with my love life and helped me to lose weight!  I've turned to you for your spell casting services once again to help relieve some of my debt.  I wanted a new car and it's not possible to do that right now because I'm still paying on credit cards with outrageous interest rates.  I want to say thank you for casting the Debt Relief Money Spell.  I'm down to my last credit card payment and have saved $3,200 for a down payment on a new vehicle for myself.  I need a reliable car to take my kids where they need to go.  Your spell work and your professionalism is simply amazing!  I sent a gift to you just as a "thank you" so watch for it in the mail!  Lots of love, Jessie & Kids

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Jessie Hawthorn, CA


  Raven, Thank you for casting the Custom Love Spell for me.  I'm emailing you to give you an update on what has transpired within my spell casting so far.  I ordered the spell about 3 weeks ago and almost every single request I made has come to manifest.  As you recall, I had several requests (my situation was very complicated) and I really didn't think that this was going to work for me.  I'm more than happy to report that Brian has finally come around to and is following almost every single thing I ask of him.  Raven I cannot thank you enough for helping me.  I'm happy that things are going well between us once again SO A BIG THANK YOU for helping me fix our relationship. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Deena P., MA


  I needed this spell to help break the negative energy that was surrounding me.  It seemed that I had lots of bad luck attracted to me making life more difficult than it should be.  I had this spell casting to help eliminate this issue and it worked quite well for me.  I'm happy with the results and Ill be placing an order today for the Unlock Psychic Ability, Third Eye Activation Spell.  I've been studying about activation of the third eye and this is something I think can really benefit me in all areas.  

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Sidney Smith, OH


  Raven I'm writing to thank you for the excellent job on the spell.  It worked, he came back begging, crying and apologizing.  He kept telling me how sorry he was, talked to my son and admitted what he did was wrong.   This was very unexpected because everything I tried to get us back together simply wasn't working, until I had the Break Them Up & Return My Lover Spell Casting

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Elaine B. WV


  I had the Make Him Impotent Revenge spell cast upon my ex-boyfriend.  He cheated on me with my (ex)-best friend and needless to say I was very upset.  I invested a lot of time in the relationship and I couldn't understand why he would do that to me.  I didn't want him back after that so I decided the next best thing to do would be to ruin his sex life for a while.  It was pretty entertaining and satisfying to hear that he and Michelle weren't having sex due to a little problem that even a blue pill couldn't fix ;) 

I knew all the events that were taking place because we all have the same circle of friends so the details got back to me.  I can happily say that I was satisfied with the outcome.  He went south for a month (I requested that to happen when I had the spell cast).  She eventually dumped him because he was lacking in that area, which was sweet revenge.  I got exactly what I wanted from this spell so thank you so much for helping me get back at them!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Serena, KS


  Finally, a spell caster that gives FAST, ACCURATE RESULTS!  I have been using other spell casters for the past year with no results.  I decided to give it one more try, that's when I stumbled upon LoveSpells.biz and I'm happy I did.  I can't begin to tell you how happy I am!  Your services are affordable, the customer service is excellent and most importantly, my spell worked in a couple of days after I purchased it!  Thank you Raven.  You have a client for life.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Sam R.


  The Binding Love Spell is simply amazing!  This was the free spell I chose when I ordered the Break Them Up & Return My Love Spell.  Not only did my ex-boyfriend Justin dump the girl he was with, we got back together very soon after and the Binding Spell seems to be working just fine.  Thanks for casting the spells for us. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Alexandria Carter, MI


  I would like to thank you for all your hard work and effort you put into my spell casting.  I ordered your Break Them Up & Return My Love Spell after my girlfriend's ex interfered in our relationship.  He filled her head with all kinds of lies and she left me to go back with him.  Within days after the spell casting was completed, there was a definite change in Nicole.  She called me and apologized for the way she treated me and asked if we could get together and talk.  I agreed and we have been together ever since.  Thank you for all your help and guidance.  I want to have Money Spell Casting next.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Thomas L. CA


  Hello Raven, how are you?  I just wanted to say thank you for all the help and guidance you have given me through this whole process.  I really didn't know what to expect but you explained everything to me and answered all my questions.  I just want to say thanks for being so patient with me during my difficult time of need

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Pat Rider


  Dear Raven, I wanted to say thanks for all your help with the Binding Love Spell Casting.  I was about to lose Courtney for good this time and this magic spell turn the situation around completely.  It's been about a month since the spell casting was completed and I can tell you that our relationship is stronger than ever. Thank you again for your help.  I don't know what I would have done if I lost her for good.  I can rest easy now knowing that we will be together forever.  

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Ryan Thomas, KS


  This spell has been a blessing to our family.  We were about to lose our home and this was absolutely devastating to us.  We had this spell cast to protect the home we worked hard to buy and remodel.  I'm so grateful that this spell worked.  We have a new payment plan that ensures us to keep our beloved home.  Thank you to you and your coven for casting the Asset Protection Magic Spell for me and my family!  I have recommended you to a friend that needs help within their love life. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Catherine Korana, NH


  Thank you for the Tarot Card Reading!  You told me that I would receive a sign that would change my life in a profound way.  Not only did I meet my True Love but I met my best friend as well!  I was skeptical at first, remember?  Nothing good ever came into my life like this.  You told me to be positive and I would see a great change in my life.  I did exactly what you told me to do and you were right!  I wake up happy every day now because I found her.  I want to say thanks a million for sending my angel to me.  I'm totally a believer in magic!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  J.A.


  I absolutely LOVED the effects of this Revenge Spell To Get Even With Someone.  I got even with the person messing with my life.  It was quite satisfying to sit back and watch her whole world crumble.  Normally I don't wish ill will on anyone, but this bitch had it coming to her.  She was a nasty person and deserve all the bad things that happened as a result of this magic spell casting.  I'm actually emailing you to request that you lift the spell off her.  She's suffered enough and I got the justice I wanted so all is fair in the world!  Thanks for the help and guidance.  Blessings, SF

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  S. Forrester


  Hi Raven, this is Jennifer again.  I know I order from your site a lot and you're probably tired of reading my emails LOL but LoveSpells.biz is the best spell casting site around.  Believe me when I tell you that!  I have ordered from many of them with absolutely NO results!  Your customer services is second to none.  I'm impressed with how quick your response to my emails are.  After all these years of using you guys for my magickal needs, it's still the same... very FAST!

  I never have to worry about getting a hold of you anytime I need you.  The spells are real and actually work.  Your prices are very reasonable unlike the other sites I have tried... with no results.  The Custom Spells are awesome and the fact you offer a free spell with any order is great!  You really know how to take care of your clientele.  Thank you for caring and actually taking the time out to help me when I need you the most!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Jennifer B.


  I won $25,000 at the casino in downtown Detroit!  Ill say that's enough proof for me to believe in this spell casting!  I never won that much or had luck at gambling.  I'm very happy with the outcome of this money spell.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Danny P, MI


  I'm VERY pleased with the results from the Bad Luck Revenge Spell.  I was having some issues with a co-worker and I used this magic spell to teach her a lesson - That she can't go around making life miserable for everyone in our office.  She got a really good friend of mine fired from our office just because she wanted the job.  It was horrible. 

  Once she became manager our working environment turned into a living hell.  We had no freedom and I began to hate my job.  This is when I decided to try this spell on her!  She needed a reality check and to be put in her place.  After the spell was cast it was like a black cloud followed her everywhere!  She began messing up at work and eventually was let go!  The best part was, I was promoted and got her job, which was the sweetest revenge of all.  Thanks for your help.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Veronica S.


  I lost my job a month ago and was desperate to find a new one as quickly as possible.  I started looking right away but I didn't come across anything in my search that was fitting my job skills or equivalent to my old salary.  I found a really great job opportunity and I wanted to have the upper hand over the competition for the job so I decided to have the Job & Career Spell Casting to help help give me the advantage over the competition.  I'm happy to announce that I was picked out of 10 candidates for the job.  I have my own office and I'm making more money too!  I love what I do and I'm so happy that you could help me with the spell.  You have a life long client!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Deanna C.


  I'm super happy and pleasantly pleased  with the results from my customized sex magic spell casting! Melanie never wanted to experiment with new and different things sexually and sex between us was beginning to become mundane and to put it simply: BORING. 

  It was the same routine every time we had sex and it was coming down to trying new things OR I was afraid I was about to do something bad...CHEATING on her.  I didn't want that at all, but I needed something new and exciting in the bedroom with her.  This spell was excellent with delivering everything I wanted!  She enjoyed the sex even more than I did!  I seriously want to thank you for helping me save my relationship.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Giovanni Talenti, Canada


  Thank you for all your support, understanding and for the fast results I got from the spells!  I couldn't be happier how everything turned out.  Erin and I are back together and this time I am going to make sure I treat her right.  I'm just ecstatic that I got a second chance with her.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Doug T.


  Raven, Thank you for all your help with the marriage spell casting you completed for me!  I have been with Jesse for 3 years and I wanted to be engaged after a year of dating.  He kept promising me we would be engaged and here it is going on 3 years without a proposal.  We have always been in a happy committed relationship, but I wanted more.  I wanted to be married to the man I love with all my heart.  I used your spells before and I liked the results I always got so this is why I came to you for the marriage spell. 

  After you cast the spell he began talking more about picking out rings.  This wasn't really too exciting for me because I've heard him say this many times before.  Well I was shocked when we were at the mall and he took me to every jewelry store to look at rings.  I'm happy to say I picked one out and he actually bought it that day!  I know, not too romantic but I didn't care!  I got the ring I wanted AND we set a date.  I'm very happy to announce that we are planning our wedding.  Thanks for all your help and giving Jesse the "cosmic nudge" he needed to make my dream a reality!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Maria Griffin, Australia


  Raven,  The Job And Career Spell Casting has worked wonders for me!  I love the company I worked for but I was very unhappy that I wasn't given the opportunity to work to my full potential.  I was there for 3 years and not climbing the ladder within the company.  I wanted more money, more hours and a better position that I was promised the previous year!  Once you cast this spell for me, things magically began to happen!  I finally got the promotion I wanted so badly. 

  I was worried, I'll admit, as there were 2 other candidates up for the job too, but I was chosen!  I stood out and I believe it was due to your wonderful spell work!  Thanks a million!  You're true to your word and have brought happiness and a wonderful career to my life through the way of your magic.  Blessed be!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Remake Hiremath, WV


  The Banishment Spell is excellent and took care of  "the problem" fast and effectively.  I'm surprised how quickly this revenge spell worked.  I tried a few spells in the past without any results but this one worked perfectly!  Tasha is not an issue any longer in my life.  No more messing with my man and I'm happy about that.  I don't have to worry about her interfering anymore.  I'll be ordering another spell from you this week.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Quinn K.


  I really enjoyed the dream interpretation reading you completed for me!  It was It was crazy how accurate the reading was about what's going on in my life!  I'll be ordering another spell soon.

Client Testimonial Submitted by: Ron Goddard, KS


  I loved the Think & Dream About Me Love Spell.  It's totally amazing!  I ordered the spell to be cast on someone that I had recently met through some friends and I couldn't believe it worked!  My friend Patty asked me if I would be interested to go out with Derek sometime!  I told her that I found him very attractive and that she could pass my phone number to him.

  We had our date and something he said gave me PROOF that the spell worked on him.  He told me he kept dreaming about me and didn't know why!  He said he thought of me often and wanted to get to know me!  How's that for solid proof?  I'm happy to say that we have another date and I'm really looking forward to it!  Thank you Raven for bringing him to me.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Holly B.


  I'm emailing you to give you an update on my recent spell casting.  The fidelity spell is finally working.  Jill isn't sneaking around with other guys or lying to me now that this spell has been cast.  It's like she reverted back to the person she was in the beginning of our relationship.  I don't blame all of this on her, I probably should have been treating her better but still, cheating isn't the way to get back at someone.  Anyway, I'm happy that we're finally finding our way back to how we used to be.  Things are a lot better and I'm just going to see how it goes.  I'll give you another update in a couple of weeks.  I'm thinking about adding a couple more spells too.  

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Scott Davila


  Your spells work!  I absolutely love the effects of this spell.  Andrew is calling & texting me more frequently now.  I hope this can be the start to something with us!  I've liked him for a long time.  I'm thinking about having you cast the Obsession Spell just to give things a push in my direction.  I really want him to be mine. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Maddie Mitchell, NE 


  I'm very pleased with the results from the Bad Luck Revenge Spell Casting.  I was having some issues with a co-worker and I had this magic spell casting placed on her to teach her a lesson:  That she can't go around making life miserable for everyone in our office.  She got a friend of mine fired from our office just because she wanted her job.  Once she became manager, our working environment turned into living Hell.  We had no freedom and I began to really hate my job. 

  This is when I decided to try this spell on her.  She needed a reality check and to be put in her place.  Long story short, after the spell was completed it was like a black cloud followed her everywhere.  She began messing up at work and eventually lost her position.  The best part about it was I was promoted and took her place which was the sweetest revenge of all.  I'm pleased with the outcome. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Andrea H.


  I ordered your all in one Love Spell and it did wonders for my relationship!  I cannot believe how different Dave is.  He's totally committed to me and it's like how things were in the beginning of our relationship.  Thanks Raven, you're great at what you do!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Angela Carter


  Thank you for all your help Raven.  I'm happy to say that my business is doing well and I don't have any more worries about money!  My business has really picked up and we are busier than ever.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Sam Jacobs


 Hi Raven and thank you for all your help with guiding me to choose the appropriate Love Spell love spell for my situation.  I didn't know what to do or what spell to choose because my problem was very complex to say the least.  You made the process easy and understandable to me.  If you remember, I ended up having the Custom Love Spell Casting

  After the million questions you answered for me that seemed to be the best choice to bring James back in the fastest way possible.  I just wanted to thank you again for everything!  My casting was completed last night and I'm very excited to see the results!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Francesca D.


  Thank you for creating this wonderful love spell!  I used this spell because I was so tired of dating.  I couldn't find the right guy and I thought I could use a bit of extra help.  I didn't want to go on a dating site so I decided to do the Send True Love Spell.  I've used your services in the past with great luck, so I thought I would try this before anything else.  The spell seemed to bring several guys that were compatible with me!  I enjoyed this for a while until I finally chose THE ONE.  We have been happily dating for 8 months now and things are wonderful!  Thanks again for your magical services!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Jackie Delanie, NY 


  My boyfriend had a problem with alcohol and drugs.  He wanted to stop smoking and had attempted to quit several times without success on top of his serious addictions.  After attending AA, drug treatment programs and rehab without success, I decided to ordered the Ultimate Addiction Spell Casting to help give him a boost with his efforts to quit.  It wasn't easy for him at first but within a few weeks the urge to use drugs, drink and smoke dwindled away.  Within a couple of months he was drug free, not drinking anymore OR smoking! 

  He did relapse (drinking) 1 time within a year of having this spell cast, but he got right back on track with the help of counseling and treatment programs.  He never had interest in getting help, and I think the spell has helped him to do that too!  He's doing great and I do believe it's because of this spell he was finally able to break these addictions.  Thank you for your help and support!  I would definitely recommend your services to anyone in need of help.   

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Sabrina M., WY


  This spell is so amazing!  I didn't think it really would work.  I was wanting to get back together with my ex for a while.  After the break up we were "friends" only and she knew I wanted more with her.  One day we were out together and she said she didn't know why, but for some reason I was on her mind constantly and she's been dreaming about me a lot.  The weird thing is that she said she usually doesn't remember her dreams but she was remembering the ones of me.  She said they were quite vivid.  I'm over all very happy with the results from this spell and I think I want to order the Return My Lover Spell Casting.  I really want to get back together with her and have a second chance to show her I'm the one she should be with. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Allen Marshall, UT


  I'm happy with the outcome of all the Magic Spells you cast for me Raven.  They manifested quickly and I loved the personal attention you gave to me and my situation.  I definitely would recommend your services to anyone new to spells and magic!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Christine O'Neill


  Raven, thank you for all your help and support.  I got a lot of insight from the Tarot Reading you did for me.  My sister wants you to do one for her.  She will be contacting you soon.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Donna C.


  My break up really put me through the wringer.  It was the most distressful experience I've ever had and my heart was crushed.  I loved this man with all my heart and I had to walk away due to our constant conflict.  The relationship deteriorated more and more each day and it had just run its course.  Honestly, I didn't want to fight to save US anymore.  I wanted to heal my heart and move on with someone who would treat me with love, trust and respect.  This spell has helped me to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart and it has allowed me to accept love again.  I no longer have commitment issues due to my past relationship, which was a huge issue.  Thank you for this beautiful spell casting, it saved my love life.  I'm now in a beautiful relationship and I'm very happy. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Neveah J.


  I was completely fed up with my boyfriends ex-wife constantly interfering in our lives.  It was ridiculous!  They didn't have any children together so there wasn't a single reason she needed to contact him once their divorce was final.  I was so fed up with this situation of her interfering in our lives on a daily basis I decided to take some serious action.  I used your Banish Someone Revenge Spell to get her out of of our lives for good.  I'm very surprised how the spell worked.  She was given a huge job promotion that was overseas, which was amazing!  A couple of weeks later she was packing up her things and shipping out to India to head up one of her companies divisions over there.  The best part?  It was on a 3 year contact :)  Needless to say, I'm VERY pleased with the outcome of the spell and I'll definitely be using your services again soon.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Cheryl Cross


  Hi Raven, just a quick update on my castings.  Everything turned out just the way I requested and I'm very happy with the results.  I would like to schedule a Tarot Card Reading with you and Ill be in touch today in regards to that.  Thanks so much.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Gina D'Angelo


  The Return My Lover Spell Casting is awesome!  I KNOW it brought my ex-boyfriend back to me and I'm very grateful to you for helping me.  My case was basically a lost cause.  He wanted nothing more to do with me after I cheated on him; but your magic spell turned all this around.  I know I made a terrible mistake and now I can show Mark just how much he means to me now.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Macy McCarthy


  Raven I wanted to thank you a million times for casting the Impotence Revenge Spell for me!  I had this spell cast upon my lover because he had a hard time staying out of strip clubs and having sex with those girls.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I thought this spell would be a great way to teach him a lesson!  He is great in the bedroom; and he know this so he feels the need to have sex with other women as well as with me.  This is totally unacceptable and wanted this behavior to stop.  Well it worked on him and he began staying home on the weekends with me. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Melanie Cantrell


  I've been friends with Jillian for years.  I've always had a crush on her and liked her for more than a friend.  You can say I was in love with her.  I never had the guts to talk to her about this because I was scared she would reject me.  I decided to try the More Than Friends Love Spell to see how it could help me gain her as my girlfriend.  The spell work rather well, I'd say within the next few weeks she was flirting with me more and more.  One one day she asked me why I never asked her out because there was an obvious attraction between us.  I believe this turning point was due to the spell.  I'm happy with the end result.  We're now dating and I'm really happy about that.  You were right, the spell did help me gain my best friend AND the love of my life.  Things are going well and we'll be celebrating our 1 year anniversary next week!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Martin D., UK


Hello Raven, this is Mike Peterson.  I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my lawsuit.  I got my settlement finally!  I was out of work for a couple of years and running out of money and time.  Now I don't have to stress anymore and can start to live again.  All the best to you.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Mike Peterson


  I'm so impressed with the results from your Custom Beauty Spell Casting!  I love the way my skin looks and my hair is so long and shiny!  Very impressive I have to say.  Since I'm very happy with the results from this spell, I would like to talk to you about one of your Love Spells.  I'm having some issues within my relationship.  I would like your advice on what spell would work best.  Thank you for your help and guidance.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Mimi D., Mexico


  Thank you Raven for all you have done.  My spells worked fast and I couldn't be happier with the results :)

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  S. Walsh


  The Fertility & Pregnancy Spell Casting helped me to conceive my beautiful baby boy!  We've been trying for 2 years now without any results, even after fertility treatments.  I gave up and didn't want to go through that anymore.  I stumbled upon LoveSpells.biz while searching for fertility treatments and decided to give this a try.  After 4 months it happened!  Its been a LONG journey however, I'm over the moon about my little bundle of joy! 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Angela Gonzales, Mexico


  I absolutely loved the results I got with this revenge spell.  I was tired or Tony taking everything away from me and when he started hitting on my girlfriend, that was the last straw.  I wanted to use the Get Even Revenge Spell on him to put him in check.  After the casting was completed I began to see some very interesting changes!  Everything around him was falling apart.  The best thing happened of all;  his girlfriend found out about his cheating ways and that he was hitting on my girl.  She left him and is now dating my best friend!  Funny how things work out that way.  Thanks for doing the spell for me.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  B. W. CO


  I used this love spell to save my relationship.  It worked FAST!  By the end of the week I could begin to see the positive effects of this spell casting.  It's helping us focus more on improving our relationship and we're working together more on the issues that need to be addressed.  This spell did help us renew our love for one another, preventing our break up.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  A.M., PA


  I ordered this spell for my son Chris because his addiction to online activities and electronic devices was so out of hand he was failing in school.  Nothing I did helped, including taking his devices away and grounding him.  He would get violent and throw tantrums when he was punished for not following the rules for all his internet and electronic privileges.  I was out of options and tried this magic spell.  I can say I was pleasantly surprised with the results.  Within a week I saw signs of his behavior beginning to improve and he wasn't so connected/attached to the internet and his games.  He's even doing better in school.  Feel free to use this email as a testimonial on your website.  Thanks Raven!      

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Sammie Olson, SD


  This spell was a blessing for our family.  Joe was addicted to marijuana and his addiction was really effecting our family.  He couldn't get a job (due to drug testing) and we were in debt, also on the verge of losing our house.  I had to do something so this was my last resort.  I'm happy to have used your services because this spell helped him to gradually stop his habit.  It took about 2 months for him to completely leave pot alone.  I'm happy with the results and we're back on track again!  Thanks Raven!   

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Desire Johnson, VA


  I was addicted to porn, I didn't want to admit it but it was the truth.  I wanted to get a grip on my problem and this spell really did help me tremendously.  I'm now in counseling to help me work through it.  Thanks for your professionalism.  Feel free to use this email as a testimonial.  Please keep my identity as anonymous. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Happy Client


  I wanted to update you on the Magic Money Spell you cast for me last week.  I had some pretty sizeable wins at the casino this week that paid for the spell and then some!  I'm really excited about the results and I will definitely be ordering more spells from you very soon for my Love Life issues.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Thomas Z.


  I'm very excited with the results I got from this spell!  My skin is healthy looking and I'm glowing!  I'm so happy and cannot wait go to go my cousins wedding and show off my beautiful skin AND hair (I ordered this spell too with wonderful results)!   look and feel like a new person.  My confidence has been given a huge boost and I cant wait for everyone to see my new make over!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Alexis S., NH


  The Break Them Up & Return My Lover spell casting was perfect for my problem.  I wanted Maria back but she was with someone else shortly after we broke up.  I was devastated and I would do anything to have her back again.  The spell broke up her current relationship and cleared the way for us to reconcile.  I'm so happy I did this.  I have the woman I truly love back in my life.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Nick A.  


  The obsession magic spell is amazing!  Katie and I broke up 6 months ago and for that whole time I tried to get her to come back to me without any luck.  I had the obsession spell cast for me and within a week we began having contact again.  Its a full blown obsession now on her behalf!  I can tell you that I'm kind of surprised because I didn't expect this type of result form the spell casting.  I'm very please to say the least, wonderful work!  Thank you and your coven for all your attention to my situation and for answering all of my questions.  I've tried other spell casters in the past without results and without the attention to my situation that I received with your services!  You'll be casting more spells for me from now on.  Blessings to you all! 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Steven Clay, NM


  I was completely FED UP with my wife's online shopping.  She was a "shopaholic" receiving packages to our house EVERY DAY from one store or another and it was ridiculous.  I has this spell cast for her to kick this online habit.  I'm completely satisfied with the results!  She still shops online but this spell has helped cut down on her online shopping addiction to a satisfactory amount for our budget.  I'm ordering more spells from you this week.  Thank you Raven!  Your customer service is EXCELLENT and I would recommend you to anyone looking for spells that actually work.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Douglas Kristopherson, MT


  You cast a Binding Love Spell for me back in September and I'm really happy with the results.  My marriage was on the rocks and after I had the spell cast things began to turn around for the better.  We worked out our problems and our relationship is stronger than ever.  Thanks for answering all my questions and guiding me through the process.  I never used a spell before and didn't know what to expect.  You made me feel at ease and comfortable.  I'll definitely be using more of your Magic Spell Castings in the near future and I've recommended your spells to some of my friends. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Rachael Baker-Jarvis


  Raven, you're a truly gifted psychic and spell caster!  I'm so lucky to have stumbled upon your site.  You really understood my situation and you were understanding and not judgmental at all, which made me very comfortable.  Your response and attention to my problem really changed my life.  You're love spells are the best around!  I'm ordering a Money Spell today because I know if anyone can help me, its you!  Thank you again!   

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Tara B. MA


  Hi Raven, I wanted to let you know that this spell has helped me so much with the combination of AA and a great support system.  Its been a long tough road to recovery, that's for sure.  I've been an alcoholic for many years and I'm just tired of living this way and hurting people that I love and care about.  I wanted to sincerely thank you for casting this spell for me.  It saved me from losing me family. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Craig Davis, CO


  Amazing...that's all I can say!  The results I got from this magic spell were completely unexpected.  My hair was so damaged from years of highlighting and coloring.  It was falling out due to breakage and stress.  This spell really helped me to get my beautiful hair back as it was when I was younger.  Thank you! 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Lynn G., SD


My boyfriend left me for my best friend and I felt that my life was over.  I couldn't eat or sleep and every time my phone rang I would rush to see if it was him.  I was constantly looking at my phone hoping for a text message or any sign that it wasn't really over between us.  A friend of mine used your spells and recommended that I try one myself.  I was skeptical, as I never used a magic spell to get what I wanted before.  Since he recommended you, that was comfort enough for me. 

  I contacted you and you recommended the Break Them Up & Return My Lover Spell along with a FREE Text & Call Me Spell.  After the spells were completed, I don't know what it was but something inside me made me feel differently.  I was completely as ease and comfortable, which is odd since I really didn't believe in magic.  After talking with you, I had a feeling something good was going to come out of this.  I went to bed that night feeling great, and slept for the first time in weeks.  The next day I got a text from Dominick.  I was shocked to say the least.  He was begging for my forgiveness and for me to come back to him.  He told me he made a huge mistake and wanted to meet at our special place and I agreed.  Long story short, we are back together, trying to work things out.  I have trust issues where he's concerned so I'll be getting another spell (a Custom Love Spell) to get us back on track.  I want to thank you again for all your help and support!  I'm looking forward to working with you again very soon!

Client Testimonial Submitted by: Kimberleigh H.  


  Thank you for this wonderful health spell!  I decided to have this spell casting as a gift to myself.  I haven't been to kind to my health and abused my body for many years with drugs, alcohol and not eating properly.  I wanted to restore my health and wanted to look and feel better.  This spell really helped with all the issues I wanted to fix!  I feel stronger and the damaging effects from drugs and alcohol seem to be reversing.  Thank you for all your help!  This is a great magic spell and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to feel younger, stronger and healthier.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Gina Taylor, NY


  This sex magic spell was great and did exactly what I was hoping for.  I've finally gotten together with the two women I have been interested in for a while after this spell was cast for me.  I even got them to agree to go on a date with me at the same time and it was awesome!  The three of us have been having fun together AND on separate occasions!  I would recommend this spell to anyone who wants to have fun and many more sexual encounters!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Dan Jacobs, SC


  Hello Raven, Thank you very much for everything!  I'm so grateful and it's close to a year now since I have known you.  You're a great listener and I thank you for that!  Just a follow-up on my spell castings:  Yes everything is going great in my life currently.  I have been engaged to Josh for a while and we are looking forward to our wedding in August.  His parents are really very happy for us and I am blessed to have such a good family.  My mom and my sister have also been supportive too.  Josh is great guy I am very lucky to have him as my future husband.  We are also buying a house together which is very exciting.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Ponam 


  Raven, Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! I hope one day I can actually meet you so I could hug you and personally say thank you for all your help you have given me and my family. You have no idea how much I appreciate this.  Every spell you have cast has worked.  You are a wonderful soul!  If I need something later I will take you up on the second cast.  Right now I really can't think of anything I need as all my requests have been met so far!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Julia K.


  I just wanted to let you know how things are going with the weight loss I have lost 14 pounds since you cast the weight loss spell for me on Dec. 15th and I asked for a recast on January 15th to keep the spell renewed.  This spells effect helped me to began a very strict diet plan on January 2nd.  Thank you! Thank you Raven! 

  I would like another recast just to help me reach my goal, I have about 16 more pounds to lose.  I would also like for you to cast a Soul Mate Spell and a Money Spell  this week.  When can you do it? I know with Valentines Day coming up you are probably really busy casting Love Spells.  Let me know so I can submit my order!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Jan B.


  Dear Raven, you cast a Fidelity Spell for me last month for my girlfriend Victoria.  She was a big flirt and I know she cheated on me several times.  Her bad behavior didn't stop their either.  She would go out with her girlfriends and stay out all night.  I even know she has gone home with random guys.  All my friends told me I was stupid for staying with her allowing her to treat me this way.  I didn't care because I love her.  This is when I found your site and tried this spell in hoping to get her to be faithful tome.  

  She totally stopped doing all these things to me and was even apologetic and asked if we could work on our trust issues.  She is totally committed to me and our relationship is better than ever.  I wanted to say thanks for all your work and guidance with the spell.  I know this wouldn't be possible if it weren't for your help.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Tyler Morris


  Hi Raven,  Thank you for casting the custom love spell for James and I.  Things were getting bad between us, a lot of drama, fighting, arguing, and people interfering in our relationship.  It was getting to be too much for me and I was about to walk away.  If it weren't for this customized spell casting, I can almost guarantee we would be finished right now.  It helped us in so many ways and brought us back to loving each other again!  With the help of this spell, we're able to focus on each other and not all the outside influences.  I'm so happy I found you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Liz C., CA


  I ordered your Text & Call Me Love Spell week.  My boyfriend didn't really like to talk on the phone OR text message for that matter so I thought this spell would be helpful.  Well it works!  He constantly text messages me and he calls me every evening to tell me good night.  It's so sweet and I love all the sweet messages he sends to me!  Thanks for your help Raven!  I ordered a spell kit last month and tried to cast this same spell myself with no results.  It was a real disappointment.  I'm happy I found your site!  You're really helpful and you KNOW what you're doing.  Blessed Be!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Mindy Avery, HI


  I would recommend the Ultimate Magic Money Spell to anyone who's looking to fatten their bank account.  I was BROKE, living with my boyfriend at the time (in a not so great environment I might add) and I was just miserable and unhappy.  I was in the middle of starting my own business so my funds were low and I had to deal with my BF hounding me daily for money to pay HIS bills.  I was trying to get my biz off the ground and sank almost everything I had into it on top of paying him rent and buying groceries and everything that was needed for the household.  I even paid for us every time we went out!  Yes I know, how pathetic... I was paying over $1000 a month to live with my BF, who treated me not so nicely. 

  This is when I decided to buy this magic spell and take it out of the rent I owed him for the month! I'm so glad I did because I'm so happy with the results!  For the 3 free spells I chose the Job-Career Spell (for my business), the Lucky Clover Spell and Magic Money Spell.  I thought those 3 would be a great combination, not to mention this whole spell casting is customized.  It delivered exactly what I wanted.  EVERYTHING I asked for I received!  The best part is I had all the money I needed, my business was booming and I moved out of my (ex) boyfriends house.  I LOVE being independent and free from anyone's BS! I know I couldn't have done this without your powerful spell work! Thanks Raven!  Your Friend Always, Michelle

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Michelle Z., MO


   I wanted to thank you again for helping me through this extremely emotional time in my life.  When I contacted you I was very lost and empty.  I had no hope and I was about to give up.  I didn't know where to turn until I was referred to you by a really good friend of mine.  She told me she had used your magic spells with great success and suggested I do this to help me through.  When I told you my story and how upset I was you really listened to me and made me feel better and hopeful about things. 

  You were so positive and confident that you could help me and I felt at ease for the first time in a while.  I never believed in magic before, but after seeing the results from my Custom Spell I'm totally a believer.  I'm happier than I've been in a very long time.  Thank you for bringing some comfort into my life. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by: Ricky Jepson 


  I used this spell casting over 2 months ago as a last attempt to break my addiction to heroin and pills.  It was awful what I put my family through and I just didn't want to hurt them AND myself anymore.  I entered rehab a few times without success.  I missed sleeping in my own bed and honestly, I hated it.  I decided to give it another try after the spell was cast for me.  Ill be honest, it wasn't easy but the 4th time around I actually could stomach to say there and get well.  It's been over a year now and I'm happy healthy and drug free!  I do believe the spell greatly helped me and for this I'm thankful!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  K. Boyd, OH


  Hi Raven, Just wanted to give u an update on the spell progress.  Pete and I have grown closer yet his commitment needs a little push.  He's brought up the subject of living together (which he's NEVER wanted to talk about before).  So I believe we're going in the right direction!  Thank you again, Ill keep you informed with any further updates.

Client Testimonial Submitted by: Janette P.


  Raven, I'm checking in with you to report the progress of my spell castings, as you requested!  Everything is going great so far!  I've been feeling more positive, good things are coming my way and I feel like that dark could looming over me has now been lifted. 

  I'm so grateful and thankful I found you and has this spell casting completed!  Things are turning around for the better and I noticed i don't worry as much.  I really think the Aura-Karma Spell is helping greatly!  Thanks for casting these spells for me and I'll definitely be getting a few more spells I need later on this week!  Blessings to you and your staff!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Jim Toney, KS


  Thank you for offering this type of spell casting!  I'm very shy and when it comes to sex, I love it, however its very hard for me to open up and not be so self conscious.  This made sexual encounters for me very awkward to say the least.  I had decided to get this spell casting for myself just to see if it would help and the difference it made is amazing!  I'm no longer shy, I feel sexy and confident and my boyfriend is loving my new found adventurous side when it comes to sex!  Thank you for casting this spell for me Raven!  It truly saved my relationship! 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Maria B., Canada


  I love the results from this spell casting!  I had a great deal of weight to lose and it helped me get lean and toned while loosing a great deal of weight.  I even enjoyed my workouts a lot more!  Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial as to the results I got from this spell.  It works great, and I felt I did get a lot more out of each workout session.  I would recommend this spell to anyone looking to lose weight and tone up their body. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Joe Oliver, NV


  Update:  Things are going great.  He's even coming around to the thought of not being single anymore.  He texts me all the time and we're trying to spend as much time together as we can.  He always tells me how much he has missed me and that he loves me.  I'm very happy your spell was able to bring him back.  I do want the commitment spell to move things along with our relationship status.  Thanks so much for your help and I'm looking forward to having more spells cast by you.  I'm very grateful to find someone so caring and attentive to their clients.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Michele


  Raven, Thank you so much for casting the custom money spell for me.  Most of my requests are manifesting and I'm happy with the results so far.  Thanks once again for all your help and hard work.  I'll keep you posted with anything further.  Thanks a bunch!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Carl Polanski, IA


I would love another free recast to reinforce the great results I've gotten so far!  I'm very happy with the progress; just in these past 30 days I can say things have taken a drastic turn in our relationship.  I also wanted to say you're a wonderful person I'm so glad I used your your services

  Only regret is i would have found you sooner.  We could have saved 2 years without each other, but I guess everything happens for a reason.  Thanks again so much and I'm looking forward to my recast and using your spell casting services soon!  

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Isabelle D.


  Hi, I wanted to let you know that things seem to be going our way.  I wanted to know if you have had any type of positive energy coming from Mandy?  We have been talking like we have never done before and its a really nice feeling.  And another update is that she said that she loves me and this is HUGE.  Thank you for that.  The divorce is still uncertain but we're getting closer to reconciliation.  There's a lot of work to be done with mending the relationship but its getting better day by day and I am staying positive.

  I question I have for you is that I am considering another spell to be cast but I wanted some more info on it. What can you tell me about the Custom Sex Spell Can this be used to get others to desire me and make my wife want to have threesomes where she interacts with another woman and me at the same time?  We talked about this kind of sexual activity but it never happened.  I was wondering if this would help us both open up and explore new things sexually?  Please tell me more because I am very interested in this spell

Client Testimonial Submitted by: K.D.S.


  Thank you so much for the free spell to help me find a good paying job.  I did get a wonderful job and I completely believe it was due to the spell casting.  I was having the worst luck and things are turning around for me now.  Very happy and grateful to have found you!

Client Testimonial Submitted by: S. Keyes 



  Things are going well, he shows me and tells me he loves me all the time!  Thanks for the spell reinforcement, I think this helps me feel better and more positive.  We have been spending more time together as well.  It's tricky to work it out with our hectic schedules but there's a better effort on both of our efforts, which I'm happy about that.  This shows me how far we have come!  Thank you again for all your help and support. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Charlotte B.


  I was highly embarrassed to contact you to inquiry about this spell casting.  I wanted to thank you for making this as easy and possible with the minimum amount of embarrassment for myself as well.  My E-Dysfunction problem as due to the amount of medications I was taking and not even Viagra or other E-Dysfunction meds were working for me.  This is why I decided to try your spell. 

  I had fantastic results without the side effects of taking more medication.  Thank you for your discretion and understanding my issue.  Your professionalism is top-notch and you made this a whole lot easier to speak to you about this problem.  I recommended this spell to a friend who is having this same issue.  Thank you Raven! 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  A.P., OR


  The customized protection spell was perfect for what I wanted to obtain in my life.  I needed a protective circle around me so that no other magic could touch me OR my loved ones.  I also asked for my aura to be cleansed of any negative energies Since this spell casting has been completed for me, many wonderful things have been happening within my life.  I'm so grateful and thankful  for these results that are presenting themselves every day!  Much love and blessings to you Raven and your coven of helpers.  Blessed be!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Ellie Lopez, NC


  Dear Raven, You cast the Ultimate Love Spell for me a few months ago and I have to tell you I'm very impressed with the results and how you handle your client interaction.  You're very caring and professional!  My Love Spells manifested quickly and I'm now reunited with the love of my life once again.  This time I wont do anything to screw this up!  We are now talking about marriage and I've never been happier. 

  Thanks again, you really came through for me and you and you're staff was such a great support to me during this whole process.  I'm purchasing a Binding Spell right now from you!  Thank you again for making me the happiest man on the planet!  Dale

Client Testimonial Submitted by: Dayle M., OH


  Hi Raven, You cast the Weight Loss Spell for me and I wanted to thank you for helping me lose over 25 pounds already!  I never had my weight under control until I tried this magic spell casting.  I would binge eat and it was completely out of control.  I would go through McDonalds then straight to Taco Bell.  I would start eating the food on my way back home.  It was so disgusting now that I think back to those times.  I felt helpless and ugly; I was really overweight and depressed.  I had put on around 55 pounds eating that way I knew I had to do something to stop this or my health was going to take a turn for the worse. 

  I never used a magic spell before and I was skeptical, of course.  I had already exhausted every other outlet to the weight except for surgery and I didn't want to go that route.  This is why I decided to try the magic spell.  I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me lose the weight this far into my journey.  I'm about half way there and I couldn't be happier with the results!  The spell is even making me enjoy my workouts and I even enjoy eating healthier.  This is amazing and I told my sister about the spell and she is contacting you today. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Amy C., AL


I don't know how to begin to thank you!  He texts me daily and wants to spend time with me.  He's telling me how much he has missed me and can't stand to be away from me!  Thank you so much, I'll be recommending you to everyone!  I'm reading up on the other spell I want and there are several more I want you to cast for m.  You're an awesome wonderful spell caster.  Thank you so much, I'll be in touch about the next spell casting.   

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Michelle Matias


  Hi Raven, Thank you so much for your help.  I was contacted last night on the social media site where we met.  He said he didn't plan to find me, but that the meeting was "serendipitous!"  We are planning on meeting again next week.  Staying positive really is key, and I had started using some telepathic techniques I had checked out on YouTube.  (If anyone is is having difficulty, I had a rough time with negative thoughts, especially at night). I appreciate all you have done for my case.  Thanks again and blessed be!  If you use this email fort a testimonial, please use my initials, not my name.

Client Testimonial Submitted by: D.A.


  This spell actually worked!  My brother was on the verge of losing everything he worked so hard for.  His wife was about to leave him because of this horrible problem.  I suggested trying this spell because I knew he was truly sorry and didn't want to lose his family over this addiction.  He was willing to do anything at that point so I ordered the spell for him.  He told me his urges to gamble diminished substantially after the spell was cast and after a few weeks he didn't feel the desire to go to the casino anymore.  He's on track now and he even began counseling to help fix the problems with his marriage.  Thank you for such a wonderful spell and for all the hope AND support you have given our family.     

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Christine Lewis, NV


  Thank you Raven, You're the best!  The love spell seems to have taken a certain effect already.  Ill be sure to email you as the spell fully unfolds.

Client Testimonial Submitted by: Rachel E.


  Hi Raven, back with some updates: My husband (H.A.) started showing his love for me again as he always hugs and kisses me very frequently.  My birthday was on June 2nd and the took me out to dinner and gave me 12 roses.  We're now without hatred and anger towards each other and it's quite the opposite: Love.  He's apologized for what he did to me.  I'm pleased with the results so far but I would like you to schedule a recasting of all my spells to keep the energy going strong and positive.  Thank you so much and please get back to me in regards to the recasts. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Edith


  Hi Raven, You cast the Gay Attraction Spell for me last month and I'm so pleased with the effects so far!  I've been dating a lot more and meeting QUALITY men this time around.  I'm having a great time and I've been going out a lot.  I have a couple of guys I really like and I'm starting to focus my attention on both of them more and cut out the others because I would like to settle down at some point soon.  Thanks so much for helping me!  You and your staff have been so nice, helpful and very professional. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Alex E. Reed, Australia


  10-30-15 - Great, so far so good in Vegas; we made a good amount of money playing slots I'm excited to see if we can make more wins!

  10-20-15 - New update:  My BF finally came back home and she's gone (but she's sill contacting him and is in denial that he left her to come back to me). I'm hoping the communication will end soon.  I just want her gone for good and no communication whatsoever.  He's been more open with me and things are better now.  

  Seems like he tells me everything now instead of hiding things like he used to do in the past.  You said you would cast another spell for the 18th. Was that done or is it still pending?  Hope to hear from you soon!  Thank you for all your help!

Client Testimonial Submitted by: G. Longest


  Thank you for offering the Ultimate Health Spell, this a wonderful magic spell casting!  I wanted to improve my over all  health now that I'm getting older.  I want to be around longer, be happier and healthier and watch my grandkids grow up!  The spells I chose for my 3 free ones were the Weight Loss Magic Spell, Stop Smoking Magic Spell and Stop Drinking Magic Spell.  I've been wanting to quit smoking for a long time, as it has really taken a toll on my health and looks.  I like to drink too much socially so I chose that spell too. 

  The results have been superb, I'm very happy.  I did quit smoking and cut way down on the drinking other than the occasional glass of wine.  Thank you Raven for all you've done for me, I'm very pleased with the results.

Client Testimonial Submitted by: Michelle Howard, CA


  Hi Raven, Your customer/client service is second to none!  I have tried many spell casters over the years but have not come across such professionalism and passion for clients.  You are doing the right job with the right heart for the right reason!

Client Testimonial Submitted by: Everson M. 


  I've been smoking for 35 years and I was more than ready to quit this habit.  I didn't want to jeopardize my health or my family's health anymore.  Not to mention the cost of cigarettes (and slowly killing myself with this poison).  I tried to quit several times without success, it's not easy!  I decided to use the patch, the gum and to try this spell in combination with those things. 

  It was a rough road for the first 2 weeks, but after that my cravings slowed down each day until I stopped once an for all!  I'm real happy with the results from this spell casting.  It did help me quit smoking.  I'm not using the patch or gum anymore and I don't have any desire to smoke.  I usually do want to smoke when I go have a drink or in social settings, but that craving is totally gone now.  I'm very happy, so is my family!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Steve Curry, GA


  Thank you for the recast.  I must say that I appreciate your work Your product works!!!  I didn't contact her, she has contacted me.  Thank you soooo much.  I am also hoping the other ones contacts me, which I am 100% sure that it will work on her as well. 

  I will keep a positive thought process to allow the castings to continue working.  I will update you as the spells unfold and I'll be using your services again.  Your fast results has given me confidence in your work.  Best regards. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Erich B.


  Raven, Thank you so so so much.  I think all you have done is amazing.  Good things are happening to me every day.  Did you cast a protection or luck spellon me because I have no idea what else this would be?  After my legal issue in August, the court our of nowhere decided to drop all charges against me once I fulfill a 9 week program.  To top that off, my lawyer decided to do this legal work pro bono!  The results from the Money Spell Casting, my husband got a raise of .75 more per hour and my online business is going well, my products are selling! 

  On the fertility spell, we have great reason to believe I'm expecting.  I haven't taken a test at the doctors office yet to be 100% sure, but the home test says positive!  That would make the baby due in September so that will make the new baby and my son Matthew will be exactly 2.5 years apart!  That would be so perfect!  Matthew is a typical toddler, a real good baby but he has his moments, but what kid doesn't lol!  Hope you're having a good holiday and you get spoiled!  Merry Christmas!

Client Testimonial Submitted by: K. L.


  This spell is amazing, that's all I can say!  I've been wanting my girlfriend to open up more sexually and this spell did the trick!  She's more confident and loves to have sex more often.  We have been experimenting with threesomes too!  Its mind-blowing and it's wonderful that she's enjoying herself too! 

  I had a friend and his girlfriend over last weekend and I can tell you that we had a VERY fun and sexy time in our hot tub!  We're having more fun and we're happier as a couple too and this is what we both wanted and needed.  My friends are actually jealous and want to know what my secret and how I made this happen.  They wouldn't believe me if I told them!  Thanks Raven, I'll be ordering more spells this week.  If anyone is looking for a spell to have more Lust & Seduction in their life, this is the spell to attract just that.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Kenny W, OR


  Happy Holidays Raven, I wanted to share the good news with you that I am officially a homeowner as of 12-11-14!  They paid off a few of my credit cards so now I have the one main financial loan which is $7,000.  I'm so grateful and thankful this Money Spell is working so nicely for me!  I need a spell to clean up my credit a bit more and I was wondering if you have a spell for that? 

  I would like to become more financially free so I can give even more to those that are in need.  I was thinking of becoming a life coach as well.  I'm so inspired to do good things and become my best self!  Please let me know what you think and again, thank you so much for all you've done.  I've seen some amazing money miracles with the help of this money spell.  Warmest regards!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  L. Cox


  Hi, hoping you are well.  Just to let you know that that after all the spells we did for that guy, out of the blue he came to see me last night.  I know it was your magic, it worked!

Client Testimonial Submitted by: Mari 


  I just want you to know that the spell is really working.  My Bf is very affectionate lately, and he said he has a surprise for me on our anniversary. He said it is going to be the best anniversary ever. I hope He is planning to propose.  We will know in two weeks.  Thank you so much for everything, I really appreciate it.  I will keep you updated.

  My BF told me he wants me to finish my school as soon as possible so that we can talk about the future (talk about getting married) I still have three years to, finish my school.  Well my point is your spell is working.  Let's see if he actually proposes and gives me a ring I just want you to know that you are amazing and the reason I believe in magic now!

Client Testimonial Submitted by: Sarah S. 


  The Magic Money Spell worked for me!  Thank you Raven for casting this spell.  I'm attracting so many wonderful things into my life since this spell casting has been completed for me!  I'm going on my dream vacation in three weeks, Hawaii!  I'm so excited to go and not have to worry about watching what I spend.  I want to bring many gifts back home to everyone, including you for all your help!  

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Suan Joo Lee, AZ


    Hi Raven, how are you?  I wanted to let you know that Danny is now showing his love not only through words, but in his actions as well.  I can feel he is really attentive and sensitive about my needs now.  Thank you so much Raven, I know that the spell is really working its magic.  Looking forward to another spell casting.  I'm so happy right now!  God Bless.

Client Testimonial Submitted by: Alice


  The Banishment Spell WORKS!  I'm really surprised with how fast and effective this spell worked for me.  I've been dealing with this situation for YEARS and now finally she's out of our lives!  Darren and I are happier than ever.  I'm ordering a Binding Spell today to keep us together.  Thanks for your help and for being there for me every step of the way through this process. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Patti Wagner, OR


  Thank you so much for casting my Ultimate Revenge Spell!  I couldn't be more please with the results from the spells I chose.  I picked the Bad Luck Spell for the person I wanted revenge on, and the Aura-Karma Spell & Lucky 4 Leaf Clover Spells for myself.  I'm very happy with the results!  My spells manifested FAST and you and your staff were so professional.  I'll definitely be recommending you to everyone I know! 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  DJ Rogers, MI


  This magic spell is AMAZING!  My credit score went from 550 to 692 in just weeks!  I'm applying for a car loan next week and Ill let you know how it goes.  My credit score is high enough now that I shouldn't have any problems at all.  Thank you Raven!  

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Angie Bolin, RI


  I love this spell!  It's helped me to tap into my intuition a lot better and I'm able to make better decisions because of KNOWING what's to come.  It's helped my business AND in my personal affairs.  This is a great spell to help you foresee things you normally wouldn't.  My intuition has been spot on and it's actually impressive.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve any area in their life. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Tom P., Canada


  I love the effects of the Lesbian Attraction Sex Spell!  I'm meeting a lot of beautiful, smart and interesting women since I had this spell cast for me!  I'd like to thank you for taking the time to answer ALL the questions I had before I ordered this spell.  I'll be purchasing more magic spells from you in the near future!

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Missy Green, WA


  This spell helped break my addiction to food.  I've always had a problem with over eating/over indulgence and this was due to psychological issues.  In the past, I had a habit of always turning to food for comfort when I became sad, depressed or bored.  It started to happen more frequently until I was completely out of control and I gained a substantial amount of weight.  I felt absolutely horrible and disgusted with myself.  I'm very happy to have found you and this magic spell, it changed my life.  I have my eating under control and have lost weight with the help of this spell AND the Weight Loss Magic Spell.  I would recommend these spells to anyone who has an eating disorder. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Cara Miller, CT


  Thank you for cast the Break Them Up And Return My Lover to me spell casting!  I've always felt connected universe in a magical way; however when I tried casting a break up spell on my own, it wasn't working.  Dan and his new girlfriend were still together after months of trying to break them up.  I wasn't getting the results I wanted so this is why I decided to have a professional spell caster do this for me.  I can't tell you how happy I am that I did!  After the spell was cast for me I started seeing results very quickly.  Dan and I finally go a second chance, thanks to your magic spell casting.  Raven you're so amazing at what you do.  Thanks for all your help and guidance. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Maiyah Johnson, OK


  This spell saved our marriage.  Jameson and I have not gotten along for years.  I was ready to give up on our marriage, but as a last ditch effort, I used this magic spell to see if this could actually help.  I was hoping for a miracle.  I invested a lot of years in this marriage and didn't want it to fail.  I already had gone through a divorce in the past and didn't want another one.  I really do love my husband and wanted to work on things.  I wanted to thank you for this spell casting because it really helped us work through all of our issues.  We're more in love than ever.  Thanks again for your help and for being there through this process.

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Delaney P., AZ


  I love this spell casting!  The Lucky 4 Leaf Clover Spell is giving me more luck than I have dreamed of!  I'm attracting abundance in every area of my life, especially in MONEY and LOVE!  It's a great spell casting and I would recommend this spell to anyone who's down on luck.  It's very effective and it actually works! 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Dan Archer, ND


  I purchased a Voodoo Doll from you last month.  The results have been unbelievable as I never expected this to work like it is.  Everything I use this doll for seems to manifest rather quickly.  So far I have been using it to focus on Money & Love and so far so great!  I wanted to inform you of the progress and so far I'm really happy with the results that have been presented from this poppet. 

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Zachary Sheppard, ND


  Raven, I'm writing to you to tell you how happy I am with the results from the Ultimate Beauty Spell you cast for me last month!  I'm ECSTATIC...My skin looks great, my hair is long and shiny again and I already lost 10 pounds.  I still have about 7 more to go but so far I'm really happy with the over all outcome from these spells.! 

  The 3 free spells I chose were the Flawless Skin Magic Spell, Weight Loss Magic Spell and the Hair Spell.  This is a great magic spell casting for anyone who wants to improve multiple issues within their beauty!  Ill be ordering a stop smoking spell soon.  I've been wanting to quit for so long and now that I'm looking great again, I want to FEEL great within my health.  Thanks again for everything!  Regards, Rachael Smith

Client Testimonial Submitted by:  Rachael Smith, MI

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