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Below, you can read the answers to the most frequently asked questions.  This will help you get a better understanding of what to do and expect once your spell castings have been completed.  If you have any questions that are not answered on the FAQ webpage, you can Contact Raven.


Question:  How old do I have to be to use your spell casting services?
Answer:  You must be at least 18 years old to use any of the spell casting services provided by  Sorry, NO exceptions will be made. 


Question:  What is the success rate on getting my ex-love to come back to me?
Answer:  Of course everyone's case is different and the success rate depends on the complexity of your situation.  It also depends on what level you choose for your spell casting.  If you feel your situation is more complicated, the level 2 or even level 3 spell levels present faster results.  Someone with a situation that's not so complex can use a level 1 castings with great results.  No matter what spell casting level is chosen, Raven will work with you until the desire end results are manifested.


Question:  Which spell is best for my situation?
Answer:  If you're having trouble deciding what spell casting is best for your situation, the first thing to think abut is the problem/issue you're facing.  For Example: If you're girlfriend/boyfriend - wife/husband broke up with you or left you and you want her/him to come back to you; the right spell would be the Return My Lover Spell OR if she/he left you for someone else, the Break Them Up & Return My Lover Spell would be the right spell to choose.  If you're facing a really difficult situation and need a more customized spell, you can use a Custom Spell OR the Ultimate Spell.  If you're still undecided about what spell to choose, you can Contact Raven for a free and private consultation.  Consults are always FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.  This will help you decide on what spell casting will benefit you the most.  When you Contact Raven, be sure to include your email address so that you can get a reply to your questions.  


Question:  I've never had a spell casting before and I'm skeptical.
Answer:  This is completely normal if you've never had a spell casting before; if you're new to magic and don't completely understand how it works, OR if you've had spells cast before and you didn't get the results you anticipated.  You can take comfort that all of our spells are backed by our guarantee and that Raven is a highly skilled professional spell caster with OVER 20 YEARS of experience.  You can be sure you're getting a spell that's POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE and actually can work for you!  People from different walks of life have come to Raven for help to sort out their difficult problems in life and especially difficulties in within their Love Life.  If you're having problems in any area of your life and need help with a spell, you can Contact Raven for a free/private consultation.


Question:  I placed an order for a spell.  When will it be cast?
Answer:  All spell castings are currently scheduled to be completed within 24 to 48 hours after your order has been processed using our credit card processing company, PayPal.  The timeframe depends on how fast you submit your spell casting information.  Usually everyone who places an order for a spell casting will have their spells completed within 24 hours, however you MUST submit the required information to have your spells completed.  The sooner you do this, the faster your spells are scheduled.  You can use our Spell Casting Info Submission Form so nothing is left out.  Of course, if you have any questions OR aren't sure what to do, you can always Ask Raven.


Question:  I placed an order for a spell.  What information do you need from me to complete my spell casting?
Answer:  This depends on what spell you have ordered.  The required information to cast Custom Spells and Ultimate Spells are a little bit different.  If you order one of those spells, the instructions are on the webpage where you order the spell.  For All Spell Castings you will need to provide the basic info: 

  • Your Name

  • Date of Birth

  • City You Live In

  • Name or Names of everyone who is to be in your spell casting

  • You may also include any photos you would like me to use in your spell casting.  Its not necessary, but they'll be used if provided.  You can also send a short description of the situation.

  • A simple and easy way to submit your spell casting information is to use our Submission Form.


Question:  Don't you need anything personal from me OR the person/people in my spell castings? 
Answer:  No, we do not require any personal items such as DNA to make your spells successful.  Some spells can require a sample of one's handwriting (in certain circumstances/special spell castings) and you will be notified if this is needed to manifest your spell.


Question:  How do I get my free spell?
Answer:  Once your order is completed, you will fill out the Spell Casting Info Submission Form This is where you will list what free spell you want. 


Question:  Will I be notified after I order a spell?
Answer:  Yes, you will get an email confirmation from Raven telling you that your order has been received.  You will also get your order number AND you'll be notified of the date your spells will be cast.  REMEMBER:  You MUST Submit Your Spell Casting Information so you spells can be completed.  You should do this right after you place your order so your spells can be scheduled and cast as soon as possible.


Question:  How long does it take to begin seeing changes/results from from my spell casting?
Answer:  I will not give any predictions as to an exact date of when your spells will work fully.  This all depends on the complexity of your situation AND what level spell you chose.  Results will vary depending on those factors.  Based on my clients results, the average timeframe can begin right after your spells have been completed, up to a few weeks AND AGAIN:  This is based on the complexity of your situation and the level you chose for your spell casting.  If you have a very complicated situation and you picked the level 1 spell casting, you can expect to give it some time to work.  Chances are it will not fully work the very next day.  The best way to materialize your wishes is to be sure you're positive within your thought/feelings because this helps conjure positive energy. 


Question:  How long will the effects of my spell casting last?
Answer:  All of the spells that are cast for each client are designed to give LASTING and PERMANENT results.  If you feel that the effects of your spells are beginning to "fade or wear off"  OR don't feel as strong as they were at first, you can request that your spells will be recast/reinforced.  This will be completed for you free of charge to ensure lasting effects.  Some cases are very difficult and might need a recast or reinforcement from time to time and this perk is offered to each client free of charge if needed.  All you need to do is Contact Raven and ask for a free recast OR reinforcement.


Question:  How will I know my spells are working?
Answer:  This one is an easy to figure out.  You'll KNOW your spells are working when you see results presented for the situation.  For example:  If you ordered the Text Me, Call Me Spell and you get a text or call from the person you named in your spell casting, this is a clear cut sign that your spells are manifesting.


Question:  What signs should I look for OR what signs will I see to know my spell casting is working?
Answer:  I can go on about the may different ways your spells can unfold.  The best indication as to what to look for is simple:  Look for any of the things you requested to happen within your spell castings.  For Example: If you ordered the Break Them Up Spell you would look for any indication of a break up with your ex lover and his/her current lover.  This is a sure sign that your spells are working. 


Question:  What should I do after my spells are cast?
Answer:  The best thing to do after your spells are cast is to remember to be patient, remain positive and watch for any signs that your spells are beginning to unfold.  You'll know they're working when you seen any positive changes to your situation OR any of the things you desire are beginning to happen. 


Question:  Is there anything I need to do on my behalf to make my spells work?
Answer:  The only thing that's required for you to do once your spells have been cast is to do your best to remain positive.  Positive energy is very beneficial for your spell castings because our thoughts/feelings DO create our reality.  If you're a negative person then you'll attract mostly negative things in life.  Magic CAN help change this, however its best to be your best self!  Try to do random acts of kindness when the opportunity presents itself and basically do anything that brings JOY into your life!  Bottom line is Positive Energy = Faster Results.


Question:  Why is it recommended that I don't contact my ex-lover once my spells are cast?
Answer:  This is usually recommended because of the fact of negative energy
.  You broke up for a reason (usually on bad terms) and anything negative can interrupt your results.  Once your spells are cast, it's recommended to give it at least 7 to 10 days before you make contact.  If there's children involved and this is impossible to not have contact, that's OK.  Just keep contact strictly about the children involved and nothing more.  The spells will begin to mend any bad feelings that resulted in your break up and lead you back to one another again.  


Question:  I saw my ex is talking to another Woman/Man on Facebook/Social Media!  Now what?
Answer:  Please stay off of social media.  This will only create negative emotions of anger and disappointment.  This is exactly what you need to avoid, this is called negative energy.  If you want to give your spells their best shot of manifesting FASTER, stay off any type of social media if you cant handle it. 


Question:  I want to cast a Love Spell on my Ex.  Will he/she know that they are under a spell?
Answer:  Not necessarily unless you tell him/her.  It's recommended you keep this to yourself.  Don't tell your ex OR anyone else (friends/family) if they cannot be trusted.  This only creates more drama and you don't need anyone using this against you.  Drama creates negativity and this is specifically what you should avoid.


Question:  Will I OR the person/people I had these spells cast upon feel any differently?
Answer:  You and/or the person/people that the spells are cast for might experience frequent/strange dreams and possibly a slight headache.  If you/they experience this, it's nothing to be worried about.  These effects aren't harmful at all and it's just a sign of the spells energies working.  This will not last long and its simply a sign that your spells have been cast and the energy has been released to the universe to fulfill your desires.    


Question:  Will I get bad karma if I have a spell cast?
Answer:  Not necessarily.  As long as your intentions are good and loving there's nothing wrong with using magic to help improve any area within your life!  All of our spells (even the Revenge Spells) are backed with a Protection Spell to prevent any bad karma from presenting itself.  Magic has been used since Pre-Christian Times and this is a very safe way to ask the universe to help manifest your deepest desires and wishes!  There's nothing wrong with using magic to help yourself attract the things you want and need within your life.  Magic
 isn't harmful to any religion and it's just another way to ask God/The Universe to help us manifest what we want and need to live a happy fulfilled life.  If you're still worried about this factor, you can always use the Aura-Karma Cleansing Spell for added protection. 


Question:  I want to contact a person from my past and can't find them - not even on social media.  Can your spells help me?
Answer:  Yes, absolutely!  Magic can help you reconnect with anyone from your past OR anyone you have lost contact with.  There is a spell on the site called "reconnect with a past lover" and this magic spell can be used for anyone: Past Lovers, Family OR Friends you may have lost contact with.  Its a very versatile spell and can be used to contact anyone for any reason no matter how many years have gone by.  If you're interested in reading about this spell, you can do that by clicking Here.


Question:  Can you cast more than one spell for me?
Answer:  Yes, you can get multiple spells cast for yourself for any reason.  If you need more than 2 spells, I would recommend an Ultimate Spell Casting because this spell includes 3 free level 3 spells AND it is a customized spell.  This is our best and most powerful spell because it gives you the freedom to pick the spells you need AND they're cast at the highest level while being 100% customized for your unique situation.  If you have any questions about the ultimate spells, you can Contact Raven to discuss your options OR to see if this magic spell is right for you!


Question:  Can you cast a spell for me even though I had spells cast in the past by another spell caster?
Answer:  Yes you can have spell work completed by me even if you had spell work completed by someone else OR if you have cast spells on your own.  If this is the case, it's best to present that information to Raven so any spells you order from can be modified properly.


Question:  Can I order any spells for someone other than myself?
Answer:  Yes you can order spells for someone else.  Clients do this all the time, especially spells for addictions.  A lot of clients order these spells to break the addictions of a person they love and this is OK.  If you have any questions about ordering spells for a loved one/friend, you can Contact Raven for a free and private consultation.


Question:  I want to order a spell, how do I do that?
Answer:  Choose the spell you want, click the buy now button and complete your order.  Once you do that, you can submit your spell casting information by using our Info Submission Form.  Currently we are only accepting ONLINE ORDERS ONLY.  No postal mail orders, sorry for any inconvenience.


Question:  I want to order a spell, but I don't have a PayPal Account!
Answer You do not need to have a PayPal account to order any of the spell castings or services on the website.  We use PayPal to process our orders because this is a SAFE and PRIVATE way for you to order any service with us!  Your info will never be exposed to us or anyone else.  To order any service on the website, you can click the buy now button and click the link that says: Don't Have A PayPal Account?  This will take you to the screen where you can enter your credit or debit card info.  Again, this is 100% safe and your credit/debit card info will not be shared OR seen by anyone.


Question:  I want to order a spell, but I don't have a Credit OR Debit Card.
Answer:  Sorry for any inconvenience, but we're currently NOT ACCEPTING MAIL ORDERS.  If you don't have a debit card OR credit card and still want to order any service with us, you can order online using an E-check-via PayPal OR you can get a pre-paid debit card such as VISA or a Green Dot card to order online.  This is a safer AND faster alternative to ordering through postal mail.  We have decided to eliminate mail orders due to slow delivery (especially for clients who live outside of the United States) and other factors that just isn't efficient anymore.  Ordering online is a faster and safer way to obtain any services with us.


Question:  What payment methods can I use to order a spell OR any service from your website?
Answer:  We are currently accepting online orders only. You can use the following payment methods to order online:

Credit OR Debit Cards
Prepaid Debit Cards, such as: Visa, MasterCard or Green Dot 
E-check (online check) OR pay using your PayPal account

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